whoa yes another blog who has a lil "school hiatus" notification in their updates tab

feel free to follow me anyway heheh

dont worry i'll be back soon take care of yourselves and im still checking my inbox

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Anonymous: Hi, Micah, I know you're not back yet, but I have a question. Can you tell me more about the Endverse roleplay you're doing? Is it on a seperate blog or is it just going on between you and you friends?

hey babe!

the roleplay is my pride and joy, my baby. It’s, like, novel-size now, and it’s just me and Abby (makemeavessel) doing it back and forth on facebook. So, yeah, we don’t really have a place where you can view it at this point - but we’d like to put it in a google doc, I think? The problem is, it’s so big that it’s immensely hard to edit/format and we haven’t tackled the challenge fully yet.

thanks for the question. if you want more information on it i’m always ready to talk about it ahh

9.17 - Mother’s Little Helper

Anonymous: is this michah are u back

this is michah but im not   back yet

im getting lots of school done and im feeling rly rly good and productive and healthy and i cant break that streak (and anyway i havent finished my art course yet so)

mary is posting some stuff on my blog (bless her) and once in a while i’ll pop in and reblog something from her but im not checking my dash right now :( i’ll be back as soon as april is over

i love you a lot ok i hope you all are having lots of fun without me

Stiles Stilinski + flailing.


I was the ocean, you were the storm
or maybe we were both the albatross
cast over the ocean
like a wingless stone 
from the heavens
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"4 score and 20 blaze it"

— abraham lincoln (via sluht)
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Anonymous: i'm thrilled and entranced by you

thank u friend

no but seriously

thats an extremely lovely thing to say, i hope it comes back around to give you a beautiful day with the best kind of saturated spring coloured sky

thank you for being so kind

im glad i have brought you happiness

by breathing exercises


it is my greatest wish to time travel to the future and watch historically inaccurate period dramas about the early 2000s

"It’s Stiles and Scott. Do you really want to try applying logic to those two?"


OneRepublic’s “Preacher” for Micary’s au where Cas is a preacher’s boy and Dean the renegade who gets him stoned

OTP meme: speak

One of my friends made a really cool petition to minimize institutional disenfranchisement!


Hey everyone!

Voter turnout in local and national elections have, historically, had disappointingly low turnouts. This reflects poorly on our republic. Many are unable or unwilling to go to the polls on Election Day because, Election Day being on a Tuesday, they have to go to work and are generally not allowed to miss work for the purpose of participating in an election. In fact, it is usually those who are already most disenfranchised — minimum wage workers and people of color — who cannot afford to miss a work day.

Therefore, we request that this vitally important day in our country’s democratic process be made a federal holiday, so that workers are given the day off and have more freedom to go to the polls and cast their vote. 

I think we’re all familiar with the “We the People” website, but just in case: you don’t have to be eligible to vote in order to sign, so just create an account using an email address if you need to, but please sign! we have a little less than a month to reach the goal!